10 Daily Activities That Can Be Outsourced

outsourcingLikely, there are a couple of tasks around the office that you wouldn’t mind handing over to someone else. With outsourcing, you can do this. Giving away certain daily activities to someone outside the company could give you more hours in the day to attend to more important projects. Don’t be afraid to get outside help for your business, especially if it means making your business more productive. Let’s take a look at 10 daily activities that you may want to outsource to someone else:


  1. Scheduling: This is a task that can easily be handled by someone outside of the company. There’s no need for inside help because it involves non-specialized information and skills. You can find a virtual assistant to handle this task, since there’s no need to be in the office either.
  2. Answering Calls: Unless calls are urgent, you can outsource your phone lines. This will free up time, so that you won’t have to be at your desk all day answering phones. You can have all emergency or important calls forwarded to your desk or cell phone if you are constantly away from your office.
  3. Data Entry: Again, a virtual assistant can be used to handle this task. You can save office space by doing it this way. Data entry can easily be transferred over via email, using a scanner or Microsoft Office documents, if that’s what your company uses.
  4. Tasks You Don’t Like Doing: When you are stuck with doing daily tasks that you don’t want to do, it takes longer to complete. Whatever activities around the office that you don’t like doing that can be easily outsourced, you should do so.
  5. Payroll: This is something that has to be handled daily, so why not allow someone else with the right skills to do it for you? If you have a business software system that your company uses, you can allow them virtual access, by giving them login info.
  6. Writing and Editing: If you’re in a business that involves a lot of writing and editing of business documents, you can allow someone with great English writing skills to handle this for you.
  7. Email Correspondences: Answering emails all day is another daunting task that you can pass along. Just make sure that you outsource to someone who has great customer service and English writing skills.
  8. Setting Appointments: When you run a business that involves making lots of appointments, you can have someone set them for you.
  9. Handling Sales Calls: Telemarketing is important for businesses that have products and services to sell. You can use your freed time to worry more about the actual product or service that you have to offer.
  10. Social Media Marketing: Being on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites all day can quickly eat up your time. Outsource this task and see your day become more productive.


The purpose of outsourcing these daily tasks is to help you as a business owner to have more time to worry about creating new products and services, driving more sales and getting new customers.

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