Common Burnout Experiences For Entrepreneurs

Common Burnout Experiences For Entrepreneurs

There are many reasons entrepreneurs and new business owners experience burnout. It’s very common whether you are new to the game or a veteran of start-ups. There’s no reason that burnout must determine your productivity. The key is to know when burnout is about to strike, so you can take a step back and move forward in a productive manner.

  • Choose your 100% days.
  • Have realistic expectations.

Choose the days that you should be 100%. This can’t be every single day. Be honest with yourself about what your goals are and how energetic and willing you feel to give your 100%. When you psych yourself up and get in this mindset it becomes easier to tackle your objectives. Focus on your goals these days and make sure those around you know what you’re trying to achieve so you can dedicate these days without interruption.

Have realistic expectations of yourself. Those 100% days won’t be the norm. There will be plenty of days when you need to recharge or take a step back in order to work at your full productivity the majority of the time. Be honest with yourself when you’re tired, exhausted or simply aren’t in the mindset to get serious work done. When you allow yourself these breaks, you are more likely to have productive work sessions when it’s time to clock in.

Because being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 gig, it’s hard to determine when it’s quitting time. Do your best to work regular work hours to prevent burnout.

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