Create a Mobile Office for Your Small Business

Create a Mobile Office for Your Small Business

The new office must be mobile. As an entrepreneur, you’re on the go around the clock and this means you need access to your office and files at any moment. There are many tools that allow technology to make your mobile office a viable component of your small business.

  • Have the right tools to work from home.
  • Have a system set-up for in-person interviews or meetings.

You want to be sure you have the right tools to work from home. There are numerous platforms for running your small business from home. These platforms allow employees to check assignments, deadlines, objectives and goals from anywhere with an Internet connection. Constant contact should be normal for a mobile office and you can hold meetings via Skype or Google+ Hangouts.

You can use applications like Dropbox which store all of your files on the web. No matter where you are, you can log into your account and access files or projects employees have uploaded, even from your phone or tablet. This gives you the ability to fit work when you’re on vacation, catching up with family or watching the big game. While the best entrepreneurs are efficient with their time, there may be occasions when you need access to your office during downtime. It’s best to be prepared for that.

Occasionally you may need an in-person interview or meeting. Have a system ready to go for this purpose. It can be a start-up lab or day rental office space. This gives you a means to get to know employees and potential hires in-person. If you meet with clients, a concrete office space is beneficial, even if it’s yours only for a few hours.

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