Creative Ways To Get Your New Business Noticed

Creative Ways To Get Your New Business NoticedIt’s a no-brainer that you need to get recognition for your business to keep revenue flowing in. Whether you are a startup or been in the game for a couple of years, getting constant attention is the way to keep you in the mind of your current and potential customers. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the capital needed to properly get noticed, which means you need to use creative methods to do things on a shoestring budget. Here are a couple of ideas that you can get more exposure for your business without paying thousands of dollars.

Host an Open House or Special Event

Everyone enjoys gathering together where there’s free food and fun. If you can invite customers and your local community to an open house with food and refreshments, it will give you more visual. Make sure to have banners, brochures and business cards available, so that everyone will know who threw the event and what you have to offer.

Join Business or Civic Organizations

By joining in local organizations in your community, you will be able to make a good name for you and your business. It’s a great way to meet new business contacts and potential advertising contacts that can help you get the word out about your company.

Swap Ads with Another Company

If you have a publication or Web site, you can find a non-competing business to swap advertisements with. This works by advertising their business services or products in your publications and the other company doing the same for you. Of course, you should try to find a business that has clients that would actually be interested in what your company has to offer. Otherwise, it would be pointless.

Give Away Free Samples at Tradeshows

Attending tradeshows is a great way to network with other businesses and potentially find new customers. While there, you can hand out free samples. Make sure that the samples you give away are branded with your logo and contact information (depending on what your samples are). If not, at least include a business card with the free sample. People love getting free things and if your samples are great at showing what your business has to offer, then you’ll make a great first impression.

Create Custom Vinyl Banners

With customized vinyl banners, you can advertise your business, ongoing sales or special events that your company will be hosting. These vinyl banners can be placed on the side of your building to help bring in more foot traffic.

Contact Your Local Newspaper  

Sometimes, there is extra space for a newspaper issue that needs to be filled. By contacting your local newspaper, you can see if they would be interested in doing a story on your business. If you have something newsworthy to talk about, such as an event you will be hosting, a charity you are taking part in or something else the community would be interested in learning about, then this would make it easier for you to get a free spot in the newspaper.

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