Four Tips for Transferring from Home-Based to Location-Based

Four Tips for Transferring from Home
A whopping 52 percent of small business are based at home. There are a lot of advantages of running a home business, especially during the startup phase. However, if you feel that home-based isn’t right for you or your business needs are growing and require employees or more space, then you will need to make a transition.

Assess Your Budget and Needs

The first thing you should do is go over your needs and the budget you have to take care of them. How much space can you afford to rent out or how many employees can you afford to hire, if that’s what you require? Keep in mind the cost of utilities, furniture and IT needs.

Rent a Serviced Office or Executive Suite

Instead of buying or leasing a space, you can use a serviced office or executive suite, which are commonly found in busy business districts. They are already fully equipped and are managed by a firm. The rental agreements are typically flexible as well, compared to commercial leases. Then if you need more space, you can easily scale up.

Pick a Location

You want customers to be able to find your new office or retail outlet, so do research to find the perfect location to set up shop. You want to be visible to your target market.

Update Your Business Regulatory Paperwork

Don’t forget to update your business paperwork with your new location. You will also need to learn about the city/county tax requirements. If you moved from another state, you will need to notify your old state about your move.

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