How Being Generous Can Get You Ahead

How Being Generous Can Get You Ahead

The business world is traditionally known as being a tough dog-eat-dog world, but there are cases where people who are generous simply rise to the top. This goes to show that being generous can actually be beneficial to a company. In fact givers are great assets to businesses because they make others more effective.

Here is a list of how you can become more generous.

  • Reconnect with someone that you’ve lost touch with and find out how you can help them. Extend a helping hand if needed. This reconnection creates good will and strengthens your network.
  • Anticipate what others will need. Pay attention to the needs of others and help them out right away. Ask colleagues what they’re having a hard time with.
  • Offer five minute favors. Since you can’t spend too much time helping each and every person, you can offer small favors that only take a few minutes to complete.
  • Be generous in ways that you find enjoyable. Giving shouldn’t feel like a chore, so think up ways that you can help others that feels natural and possibly even fun. For instance, you may enjoy mentoring, sharing knowledge or connecting people together.
  • Don’t get taken advantage of by “takers”. There are givers and takers, so if you decide to give to takers, make sure to make clear what you expect in return. This could be helping someone else or helping you to complete a task.

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