How to Become an Authority on Google+

How to Become an Authority on Google+
Your business can grow by making your brand an authority on Google+. Remember that like any other social media platform, your following will not grow overnight. It takes time to build relationships. The good news about Google+ is you are likely tapping into a new audience that isn’t familiar with your brand. Google+ is still unchartered waters for many big brands and small to mid-size companies have shown significant growth by placing heaving emphasis on Google+.


What Google+ Can Do For You

Google+ can help you leverage your business to new heights. The key is to make yourself a resource online for people versus a business that pushes an agenda.

  • Keep social media posts varied.
  • Update regularly to stay relevant.

Social media is all about relationships and if you’re plastering ads and promotions all over your profile page (for any social media site). Experts suggest that for every two business posts on Google+, you should have between 6-8 other updates. These can be from people in your circles, GIFs, memes or videos that are related to your product or brand.

For example if you’re an online fashion boutique, you want to plug your own blog posts and products, but also articles from fashion websites or styling ideas from fashion bloggers in your circle. It’s all about sharing on Google+ and this improves your chances of having content shared. Also keep posting regular to stay relevant on Google+.  Google+ is a bright, visual space where you have many opportunities to make an impact with potential consumers.

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