How to Create Culture as a Start-up Entrepreneur

How to Create Culture as a Start-up Entrepreneur
We know start-ups rely heavily on culture, but how much of a rule does the start-up entrepreneur play in creating that culture? As it turns out, a lot. You are the face and voice of the brand to your employees. What you do is reflected in how your employees interact with each other and what they put into the job. Can you take a slacker and turn them into an overachiever? No, but you can foster a start-up culture that lets various types of people blend to create the best results for your company.

Demonstrate Your Core Values Regularly

Monkey see, monkey do. Your core values are reflected every day in how you interact with employees and clients. Your employees want to feel you’re a natural leader for this company and this will encourage them to work productively with the company’s greater goal in mind. Whatever you want from employees you need to be willing to demonstrate every day in the work place.

While you may not have a formula for creating the exact culture you want, you do have a hand in creating the environment in which that culture will organically occur. This includes a light, bright work space that will help employees feel motivated about work. The better a space looks, the more likely people enjoy being there.

Realize that you aren’t the only deciding factor in company culture, but as the start-up entrepreneur you do play a large role. Make the most of this and let it inspire and motivate employees and anyone who learns about your company.

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