How to Hire Productive People

How to Hire Productive People
For any small business or start-up you are looking for people who are smart, eager and hungry to help your business grow. It’s no mistake that many people will end up working with numerous start-ups over the course of their careers. This because for the creative types it takes to make a start-up take off, the wheels are always turning.

 Hire Those With Relevant Experience

Start-ups are cloudy at times because many people on the team will wear multiple hats. Hire people who have experience in the tasks you’re hiring them for. It’s easy to find someone who is super passionate about a project or idea during the interview process. You need someone who is going to channel that enthusiasm into their work on a day to day basis.

Hire Those With Drive

This is tough, but you must make a judgment call based on various things in order to hire a person with drive. Look at their past accomplishments. Quiz them on what they see being the best plan of action for your start-up. Give that person the opportunity to think out loud because this may be the place where you can see their tenacity.

 Test The Person First

The beauty of start-ups is you can almost always arrange to hire a person on a consultant or independent contractor basis. This means you can see what the person produces in three months or six months before committing. This gives you the chance to see just what this person will do for your company.

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