How to Hire Smart Employees for Your Start-up

How to Hire Smart Employees for Your Start-up
The college degree doesn’t get you what it used to, in terms of a job or an employee. In the competitive job market, people apply for any and every job under the sun. When it comes to your start-up you need smart, innovative thinkers who are buzzing 24/7 for new ways to take your business to the next level. A college degree gives you enough information to know the person is efficient and dedicated enough to finish a degree, but there’s a lot more you need from an employee to see your business thrive.

Things to Look for in Potential Employees

  • Enthusiastic and driven.
  • Thinks outside of the box.
  • Is not afraid of giving or receiving critiques.

Look for people who are enthusiastic and driven and have the track record to show it. These people should have stellar references and be able to rattle off their accomplishments for previous employers. Everyone is enthusiastic and seems driven during an interview. Gauge the person’s attitude in emails, their cover-letter and any follow-up conversations you have to weed out those who are putting on a show versus those who are passionate and willing to put in the elbow grease too.

The interview should wow you. This potential employee should be willing to show that they think outside of the box, are open to new ideas and happy to try things that aren’t proven to work in the name of innovation. Every company needs an eccentric to keep things interesting.

The employee should be able to give and receive critiques easily. This is part of the start-up journey. A lot of the ideas you try will not work. You want a team of people who are honest and can go out on a limb to make things work for the long haul.

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