Punching Above Your Weight: Making Your Small Business Look Mighty

clientYou manage a small online business, and you’re in trouble. You keep missing all the big clients you really need to get the success you’ve always wanted. There could be many reasons you are being ignored, but one of the principal ones is likely the perception those bigger clients have of you. To them, you look too risky and unstable to be trusted with a big contract.

You can’t really blame them for thinking this way. Every day, thousands of new businesses are founded online. Most of them aren’t going to last out the month, and the ones that do still won’t have a great chance at surviving to the end of the year. Investing time and money into one of these small businesses is a gamble, and most of the big guys prefer to do their gambling at a roulette table.

When you are just starting to get your business of the ground, you are fighting for your very survival. In the wild, a popular survival strategy is to make yourself appear larger than you really are. This is something that can be done in business as well. We’ll tell you about some strategies you can use to make your small business look mighty.

Mailing Addresses That Make an Impression

If you are operating a small business online or offline, you may not have an address that makes much of an impression. For many small business owners of the new economy, a business address and a home address are one in the same. If you want to impress a client however, you’ll want something on your business card that inspires confidence—even if you are running your business out of an apartment.

The most effective way to get a great address without paying for premium office space is to take advantage of a mail forwarding service. These helpful services will take mail at one address and forward them to your real address. This means you can put something impressive (5th Avenue, NY for example) on your business card, yet still receive all your mail where you need it.

Renting Hourly Office Space to Improve Your Identity

One of the biggest challenges of getting new contracts is meeting with them. It is not going to inspire much confidence if you try to bring them to your home. It won’t be much more effective to bring them to any budget office space you’ve been able to procure while you are getting started.

Your best bet is finding some rentable meeting rooms in your area. You can choose from some very high-class options without needing to pay for them when you don’t need to use them. When you take your clients to high-class meeting spaces, you give them the impression that your business is financially stable.

Maintaining Professional Phone Service

Something that always signals professionalism is phone banks to take calls and direct them to the appropriate department. This signals to your clients that you have the budget for a reasonably-sized staff, and that you are important enough that screening your calls is necessary to doing business.

This may sound incredibly expensive, but these days it isn’t. For less than you would pay a good secretary, you can now borrow time from call centers. Their operators will be trained to answer questions about your business, and forward you the calls that you need the most. If you are currently the only one answering your phones, you may want to look into this service right away.

Go Out and be Mighty

Once you have all the trappings of a much more professional business, you’ll be able to get attention from clients who have ignored you in the past.

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