Credit Card Perks That Make Your Business Appear Bigger

Credit Card PerksSmall businesses need all the breaks they can get in today’s competitive market. American Express, also known as AmEx, is the largest credit card company in the US, yet it has not forgotten the little guy. AmEx launched American Express OPEN in 2007 to service small businesses and help owners grow them by offering various benefits exclusive to OPEN members.

The OPEN program benefits both small business owners and AmEx. The credit card giant realized the force of the small business owner, and had come to the conclusion that if they gain their loyalty, they would get returns tenfold when the business grows with their help. Although not entirely altruistic, it does provide the assistance and support that many small business owners need. The OPEN program of services is a huge success, even making inroads in social media. In Twitter, OPEN Forum has 10,000 followers and the numbers are still climbing.

There are many perks and benefits of being an OPEN member, butthree of them are unique to AmEx. They provide business services that are concretely effective and deserve to be mentioned.

Discounted Office Solutions

  • Nothing increases credibility more than having office space in an exclusive area. The Business Platinum Card offers the Platinum Office Program in cooperation with Regus. Under the program, a cardholder can improve his business image by:
  • Availing of fully equipped and furnished office space at one month free with a six-month contract or 2 months free with a 12-month or more contract
  • Getting  a 35% discount on a virtual office complete with mail forwarding service, local telephone service with receptionist, administrative services and use of a professional business address
  • Having complimentary access to any of the 1,200 business lounges all over the world

OPEN Forum

  • This is a loyalty service exclusive to AmEx OPEN card members which may help in growing their business. This is by:
  • Connecting business owners and forging new professional relationships
  • Providing a networking opportunity for members to promote their business
  • Giving access to expert advice on a wide variety of industries through a library of videos and articles
  • Providing a platform for discussing current business trends and issues, and asking advice from experts
  • Developing Connectodex, the counterpart of Facebook for AmEx for business entrepreneurs who joined the program in 2009, which allows the exploration and creation of partnerships with other OPEN members

Exclusive By Invitation Only Events

Nothing impresses clients more than being given the VIP treatment. OPEN members are given the opportunity to attend exclusive, not open to the public events which can be used to treat staff or entertain clients all over the world. These include:

  • Sporting events
  • Fashion events
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Dining offers

Cardmembers also enjoy:

  • Preferred Seating and Premium Access at live concerts, entertainment and sports events
  • Advance ticket sales
  • Access to the STAPLES Center Platinum Lounge

3 Ways to Find the Money to Start Your Business the Right Way

3 Ways to Find the Money to Start Your Business the Right Way
When you are starting your own business there are a number of things that you have to consider. Who is your target audience? What is the product of service you wish to offer? How will your business be successful? Why would people want to do business with you, instead of your competition? However, before any of that can really be figured out through trial and error of operating your business, you need to find the money first. There are a number of ways to fund the start up of your organization. Here are three ways to find the money to start your business the right way.
The first way that you can receive financial backing is with a loan from a lender. You will pitch your idea to a lending agent and if approved you will get a loan that you will be expected to pay back. The second avenue of funding a business is to get a merchant cash advance. The merchant company will give you a device that allows you to process credit and debit cards and the company takes a percentage of the sales until the cash advance is paid back. The third way you can fund the start up of your business is to fund raise with creative events that people will be interested in attending. The positive side to this way of fund raising is that you do not accrue interest on this method of funding unlike with a loan or cash advance.
Three of the ways that you can find money to start your business the right way are loans, cash advances, or fundraising.

How Being Generous Can Get You Ahead

How Being Generous Can Get You Ahead

The business world is traditionally known as being a tough dog-eat-dog world, but there are cases where people who are generous simply rise to the top. This goes to show that being generous can actually be beneficial to a company. In fact givers are great assets to businesses because they make others more effective.

Here is a list of how you can become more generous.

  • Reconnect with someone that you’ve lost touch with and find out how you can help them. Extend a helping hand if needed. This reconnection creates good will and strengthens your network.
  • Anticipate what others will need. Pay attention to the needs of others and help them out right away. Ask colleagues what they’re having a hard time with.
  • Offer five minute favors. Since you can’t spend too much time helping each and every person, you can offer small favors that only take a few minutes to complete.
  • Be generous in ways that you find enjoyable. Giving shouldn’t feel like a chore, so think up ways that you can help others that feels natural and possibly even fun. For instance, you may enjoy mentoring, sharing knowledge or connecting people together.
  • Don’t get taken advantage of by “takers”. There are givers and takers, so if you decide to give to takers, make sure to make clear what you expect in return. This could be helping someone else or helping you to complete a task.

How to Use Split-Testing to Boost Your Business Web Site’s Performance

How to Use Split-Testing to Boost Your Business Web Site’s PerformanceEver wonder why your Web site wasn’t getting a lot of traffic? The best way to find out is to do split-testing. This will enable you to make certain tweaks to your Web site that will help to boost traffic, and you’ll know exactly why it worked. Split-testing can be done by hiring an Internet marketer or on your own, using certain tools.

Identify Web Site Variables You Want to Test

The first step is to find out which areas of your Web site you would like to test. For instance, you can make changes to the wording (i.e. color, font size, font type,etc), the colors you use for the backgrounds, location of words and opt-in boxes, the position and colors of social media buttons for your business or the design and location of your “Buy Now” buttons. Your variations should be focused on what changes that can be made to boost sales, traffic, etc., such as your call to action and on-site optimization.

Begin Making Web Page Variations

After you have decided what variations you want to use for the split-testing, you can begin creating the pages. Just make sure that you use one variation per page, so that you know why it received the results it did.

Install Google’s Content Experiments Program

This is a great tool that can be used for split-testing your Web site. All you have to do is log into your Google Analytics account to see results of your different Web pages.

Last, but not least, you’ll need to measure the results of your Web pages. Try to determine which variations you want to make to your Web site permanently to help boost your site’s performance.